How to Deal Blackjack: Becoming a Dealer

Many times people get interested in the questions: how to deal blackjack and how to become the blackjack dealer? Now, you have the possibility to get answers to these questions and get more detailed information about the blackjack dealers and their duties.

Blackjack Dealer: Requirements to the Job

They are varied in different casinos. Almost all casinos require the certificate in graduating from the dealer's school. Other casinos have own schools on training blackjack dealers. First of all, it is necessary to consult the casino you want to work in and then follow their recommendations and requirements.

Some casinos offer and demand to attend special training sessions. They usually take about 2 weeks. You may also be asked go through the auditions and to show your skills.

When and How to Deal Blackjack

The working hours of the dealer varies from one casino to the other. Is common, that the dealer work long period of time. They have the unlimited workday - sometimes work for 10 hours and sometimes for several hours.

At times the casinos require working mandatory overtime (when the house is busy and there is a lack of blackjack dealers).

How to Become a Successful Blackjack Dealer

  • It is necessary to have good communicative and people dealing skills, as the dealer begins and holds the conversation at the table.
  • The banker should count quickly and have very good math skills (to count money, bets, chips and deal all this accurately).
  • The money amount paid to the dealer for his work is minimal, but the tips are quite high.
  • The blackjack dealer should very attentive and watch whether the players use any card counting techniques or not.
  • Remember, that it is necessary for the dealer to spend all the working day on feet.
  • There is nothing difficult in the profession of the blackjack dealer - you should only follow all the requirements and do your job.