The exploitation of the big amount of jackpot played in blackjack have made experts players Ken Houston and the team MIT popular over the blackjack enthusiasts, these two have a complex strategies that made them win the jackpot prize. The truth is, blackjack game is just one of the little game cards that strategies' are built on the skill of the players; and this is the ability of the player to have q mathematical inclination.

If you can calculate how much is the odd is, and then you can detect the chances of losing the game, you have to condition your mind that in gambling, you can lose many times and win one time only. The games come on various techniques. It is the reason why even if you have the best techniques compared to your opponents the chance of losing is still high and the statistics of losing has always been the outcome even to the best players.

Table to Count Probabilities

On the other hand, the use of mathematical ability can definitely place you into the edge against your opponent and the chance of winning is high. Like for example, every strategy you make, for sure will lead you to busted, because you can never detect the number not unless you are very good in mathematics. The table below is just a probability if ever you hit them on one of your cards.

The casino will always have an edge over the players, one thing that you should always remember. The casino edge is more than 2 percent on the average play. The edge of the casino over the players is due to the dealers act. As you can see the dealer is the last to ask after all players have made their move. This could only means one thing, before the dealer can be on the busted situation, all players were already busted, so the dealer wins and the casino have the edge over them.

In addition, the casino house is the one who sets all the rules, which only means that the rules should always favor the house rule. Like for example, the common rule is to let players hit the number 17, this is hard since you can get the ace card which value is 11 or 1. The important determination of the rules is when you are not yet seated on the table game for blackjack. There is still a chance where you can lower the house' edge, as long as you know the basic strategy in playing blackjack you can still have an edge over the casino.