Blackjack Science of Play

  1. The objective of the game is quite easy - to get the total 21 score, or close without exceeding it. Despite on the different amount of the players at the table, the only your opponent is the banker and you play only with him.
  2. If you exceed the 21 score, you Bust, and the dealer wins.
  3. The game is played with 1-8 52-card decks.
  4. The cards are dealt by the dealer in the clockwise turn (beginning form the first gambler to the left).
  5. The gamblers cards are face up, and one of the dealer's cards is face down.
  6. Beginning with the first player from the left side of the dealer, the gamblers start making their decisions:
    • To Hit - to ask for one more additional card.
    • To Stand - to stop taking the additional cards, the player stays with the current score.
    • To Split - to separate of the two paired cards. It is always recommended by the all blackjack strategies to split Aces and 8s always. The divided cards are played separately.
    • Surrender - the player's betting option, which means that he/she gives up and loses the half of the initial bet (allowed, when the gambler considers his/her score to be not enough for winning).
    • To Double Down - the doubling of the player's initial wager (after this option it is possible to ask only for one additional card).
    • Insurance - the optional bet, offered if the dealer shows an Ace (for more information consult our blackjack glossary).
  7. After the decisions are made, the losers and winners are announced and bets distributed.

When Do You Win?

According to the blackjack science, the player wins if:

  1. His/her total card amount is higher than the banker's one.
  2. The banker Busts.

The Player Loses

The gambler loses if he/she goes over 21 points, or the dealer's score is higher.

Ranks of the Cards

The cards have the peculiar ranks in the blackjack. The Ace may be counted as 1 or 11 point, up to the player's choice. The face cards (Jack, Queen, King) are valued as 10, and the 2s-10s carry their value.