Blackjack Popular Superstitions

Do you think you know everything about the most popular game in the world - blackjack? Are you sure you know the game superstitions? Find out this interesting information to broaden your knowledge and outlook. You can often watch, that the gamblers kiss the dice before throwing or do some other weird actions. Since the times the casino appeared, there exist gamblers superstitions.

Blackjack Superstitions

  • One of the most common blackjack superstitions is the belief that women bring bad luck to the gamblers. In earlier times women were unwelcomed and barred in the casinos. Nowadays such a tradition doesn't exist, as female players bring a lot of money, but still their attendance in the casino is quite low. And this fact is a waste of the casino opportunity to earn more money. Women dealers behave themselves with better sympathy towards women players. And women are more rarely accused of card counting.
  • One more popular superstition is that there are men of a straw at the playing tables, who involve new players to the gambling process and stimulates the casino business. But it doesn't work in the blackjack, where the gamblers play against the blackjack banker, so they play against the casino, using the casino money. It sounds like nonsense.
  • The blackjack shrill men play in predetermined and stereotyped manner, without doubling down, splitting and other options.
  • One of the most common blackjack superstitions is that there is a Bad Gambler at the table, who doesn't follow the basic strategy and affects badly the other players. Superstitious gamblers believe, that they are playing against the whole team, although everyone plays for him/herself.
  • Other belief states, that those players who hit first affect the score of the next players, because they can receive better cards. It is funny and ridiculous, but still very popular among the blackjack gamblers.