The blackjack game basically favors to the dealer; like for example if you & the dealer exceed number 21 you lose the game and the dealer wins. Despite of the odds in this game there are still players who consequently win the game because there are experts in this kind of game. It is easy to stay longer on the game and sitting on that table game can be friendly if you know how to follow certain rules which are very basic.

Main tips to know

  1. Look for a table game that requires a minimum wagering amount of let's say about 5 percent of your cash in hand. Before you sit on that table be sure that you follow the rules set by each player. Even when you do not really understand the rule you just have to go with the flow.
  2. Always remember the basic: since every dealer's aim is to hit the card from 1 to 16, that means you have little chance of winning the cards from 1 to 16 but definitely you have chances on 17th cards and on wards. But if the dealer is on busts (more than 21) that's the time where you can hit on the numbers from 1 to 16. Most of the times the dealer will face the busts of up to forty percent.
  3. The word double down include a bet and one add card, this is done only when you think that you are ahead of the game. As a player this could be to your advantage so you have to grab this opportunity. It means that when you double the 10 instead of 9 for example, are called the soft hand. This soft hand is lime counting on the ace that values number 11. This however has a better advantage than playing with number 13 to 17 or against the rule of 4, 5, and 6.
  4. If dealing with two cards that has same value, you can split the card's value, but you have to double your bet also and play with both hands. However if our number is 10 and 5 do not split them because they are to the dealer's advantage. The number 7 and 8 is to your advantage you can split the number. The aces are also good for splitting numbers.
  5. The tip or the token dealer cannot be combined, since they become a lousy combination. As a player do not be generous to the dealer. Unless you are seriously positive that you are winning the game, then that's the time that you can give generosity. But if you wanted to be generous to the dealer then you can place a tip during the wagering.