Blackjack Counting Card Important Information

Card counting it is strategy the gambler uses to count cards and receive the profit of it. The main blackjack counting cards principle is giving a special value to particular playing cards and determining in such a way remaining cards in the deck. It is proven mathematically, that one of the running counts is convenient for the player - the high one, and the other for the dealer - low running.

Running Counts

  • High running count means that the more high cards remain in the deck.
  • Low running count means that bigger amount of the low cards is still in the deck.

Why is the High Count Beneficial to the Player?

  1. Blackjack combination becomes more often for the gambler.
  2. The banker busts the larger amount of stiff hands - 12, 13, 14, 15, 16.
  3. Double Down option becomes more convenient to the player.
  4. The insurance is considered to be more profitable.

Blackjack Counting Cards Systems

  • Hi/Lo System. The player gives the value to each card. It can increase, decrease, or remain count the same. Card values peculiar to this count:
    • +1 point - 2s-6s
    • 0 points - 7s-9s
    • point - 10s-Ace.

    The count starts from 0, and cards are added or subtracted according to their value.

  • Multilevel System. The system is similar to the previous one, but the card values are many times higher for better distinction. This system results are more profitable in comparison with others.

List of Blackjack Counting Strategies

  • Wizard Ace
  • KO
  • Hi-Lo
  • Hi-Opt I
  • Hi-Opt II
  • Zen Count
  • Omega III

Blackjack Counters and Counting Teams

Ken Uston. He popularized team blackjack, improved card counting techniques and was banned for his activity from many casinos and gambling establishments from all over the world.

Edward Thorp, the mathematics professor from America, proved in his book "Beat the Dealer", that the casino bankers can be beaten.

Jess Marcum developed the 1st point-count system.

Al Francesco was the person, who invented team blackjack play (Uston's teacher on card counting).

MIT Team. It was student's organization, which improved group counting system. According to their technique, there must be several players in the casino from one team. One of them is called "the counter" - he sits at the playing table and count cards, and the other one is "big player" - he enters the play when the high score starts.