Counting History

It was in the year of 1962 that the first book 'Beat the Dealer' was created. The author named was Ed Thorpe; he has come to a hypothesis that there are cards that really favors to the player' and this was proven when his book was released on the late months of 1962. On his book it was proven that, the cards cannot be similarly favors the casino, the shuffling however is not controlled by anyone, so the possibility of favoring the player is very high and not long after the book had been popular that players where already streaming victory. It means that when the cards left, favor the player, that player can take advantage to keep the bet high because it could be on his advantage also.

The Book Was Introduced

If you want to get in control over the casino on a blackjack game, you have to learn simple mathematics like card counting, since this activity will really keep you into an edge. The concept of card counting is due to the fact that there are cards that do not in favor the player and there are cards also that do favors the player. The low card numbers basically favors the player. You may wonder why it is like that. Simply because all card dealers have to follow certain regulations of the game dissimilar to the rules given to the players in hitting.

The dealer has to hit if the card he or she is holding is less than the number 17. You have to keep in mind the cards' that have appeared in order to detect whether the cards left are in favor to you or not, this is also a good strategy when you play the blackjack. If you haven't tried it, the process may look so complex but generally the process is just too simple. Don't worry if you tend to forget a while, remembering doesn't mean that you have to remember it vividly; rather you have to rely on counting. That's why it is important to be mathematically capable.

Why is it advantageous when you count the cards rather than memorizing them? The accuracy of counting can be advantageous than memorizing, in fact 4 percent of winners are those who counts the cards rather than memorizing them. Though you have to remember that counting alone will not give you aa sure way to win but at least it is your edge to be on the winning list. It means that on the average playing time, almost 44 percent are winning the game if they follow the counting. The average play we are talking here is between 400 hours to 500 hours in a day. This means there are about 50 thousand hands playing.