Dealers Cheating

The game varies on the entire game you are playing. The casino is a game that is illegal on some states. But do you really want to play the casino? If you want we can give you the password. Do you feel that some large men are in your back ready to beat you every time you think of playing on the casino? If you answer yes, then you have to be aware since cheating is always present on the gambling world.

However, if you are in Atlantic City, Las' Vegas and other states that are regulated by the USA municipality about gambling, then this could not bother you at all. It is natural that cheating happens occasionally, but basically when cheating happens the victim is not the players but the casino. The dealer itself is more likely to trick the casino. The cheating is done through colluding with the player and the dealer with the help of an employee at the casino or simply by stealing the cheap.

The Casino game is protected

But because of security over the game played on the internet or in onsite casino, stealing cheap is very hard to do. Casino is not responsible for scams and this however is directed towards the players, it is an unlikely situations since the casino have greater advantage over the players. Even in the standard games, the casino wins more profits over the players. The explanation is simple, if you are the casino owner, would you let someone stole over your golden goose?

You have to remember well that the primary reason why the dealer is there is to protect' the casino and its integrity. His or her job is not mainly pushing the cart or distributing the cards, there is so much more. The dealer also collects the money and the chips. They are also roaming around to check if the game is fairly played well or there is someone trying to cheat the game. They stay in the middle of that beautiful system designed to protect the casino and the players. If the dealer is not trained properly, then you see how notorious is the casino place is. It is a nuisance for your card to be scooped' up, there is no mistake with it rather it is intentional.

But then again, these dealers earn just the minimum salary, and they get much of their income on tips or tokes given to them by the players. Recently, the Department of Employment in Nevada has conducted a study base on the earnings of casino dealers. For blackjack dealer it is around $6, for poker dealers the hourly rate is around $6.15 and the crap dealers, their hourly is around $6.44.