Privacy and Legal Statement

We respect and know how important it is to maintain our clients' personal privacy. Because of this, any access to confident and personal information is limited solely to agents and employees in need of this information to give you top service and product quality.

Information Collection and Disclosure

Information will only be collected from you as needed for business conduction and for use according to the applicable laws or to respond to requests for purchases or quotations from us. Any information that we get out of you gives us the chance for proper relationship management and to get insight on services and products that will suit your personal needs.

Confidential and personal information will not be disclosed without informing the clients first or without being authorized by clients or the law.

We might disclose personal nonpublic information as asked for by law or might disclose it (if law-permitted) when requested by agencies of law enforcement or when presented with subpoenas or court orders.

As given by the law, we might ask for consumer reports or credit cards from companies that report consumers about your information on quotation or application requests.

Policy Changes and Acceptance

Through this particular privacy policy, our current procedures and practices are set forth with privacy respect. We can change, alter, or modify this policy anytime and if changes are made, the updated version will be placed here along with the date on which it was updated. This will give you the chance to get recent information about our procedures at all times.

If you use this website, you accept this policy. Do not use this website without agreeing to it.